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AutoCAD 2020: What you must be aware of How to draw an outline

AutoCAD can manage any type of data. It is a must-have tool to draw 2D. Then, we will learn draw with the LINE command.

A single line could be considered universal since you can make use of it to find your location. They can also be utilized to come up with other ways to use their own. It is possible to draw a line in only two clicks.

AutoCAD Drawing Lines


The draw panel can be found on the upper right-hand side of the home tab. To enable the line command simply click the icon. The prompts CAD will inform you what you need to do.


The ORTHOGONAL command is used to define your line instead of picking the two points. It is possible to view ortho off or on when you press F8 on the command line. You can draw lines of orthogonal alignment when you press F8. There are a variety of options and settings that you are able to access.

You can adjust your units according to your preference. This makes drawing much easier. One inch (written in 1″) is 25 millimeters. One foot is written as 1″, 12 inches is written as 12′. You can draw 20 feet. AutoCAD will identify 20″ and 20 feet as 20 feet, and will calculate the math.

AutoCAD can recognize any specifications that is greater than 50 feet and 6 inches. You can either LEFT-CLICK any object, then press DELETE on your keyboard , or enter ERASE into the keyboard to do the group inventor select. Simply select LEFT CLICK within the drawing area, then move your mouse over the objects that must be erased. Make sure to click LEFT CLICK again before hitting the delete key.